A special shout out to three State High/Delta student-run groups: Peer Advocates, My Mental Health Matters Club, and Student Government for hosting weeklong events focusing on mental health! Each day this past week featured virtual mini-mental health-related workshops presented by both students and outside organizations. A sampling of daily workshops included: What is Mental Health; Behind the Mind; Realist Self Care; Mental Health & School; Equity and Mental Health; Green Out Day; and a Mindfulness Activity – Origami Crane Making.
A special thank you to the: Jana Marie Foundation, Youth Service Bureau, Centre Safe, Safe2Say, and the Meadows/UCBH for presenting virtual workshops and/or providing valuable resource goodies for our students. If anyone else has photos from this weeks events - please feel free send them in by hitting the link below!

Virtual Mindfulness Activity teachers: Maddie, Olivia and Cate.

Student at the resources table.

Students enjoying the goodies at the resources table.

Resource table of helpful, fun goodies from local organizations - Jana Marie Foundation, Meadows/UCBH, Safe2Say and MMHM Club!

A remote student shared her crane-making skills.

Olivia teaching virtual origami crane making.