You’re probably familiar with TEDxPSU, Penn State’s locally organized, student-run, yearly TEDx conference. Over the past ten years, the conference has provided students, faculty, staff, and State College community members with a memorable, interactive full-day of enlightening talks on a wide breadth of topics. This year, State High Senior Isabelle Snyder will be taking the stage to talk about community-based problem-solving and her student-run organization, Go with the Flow.

In the spring of 2018, Isabelle and her Student Government team advocated for the installation of free menstrual hygiene product dispensers school-wide. In the summer of 2018, Isabelle began 'Go with the Flow' to utilize community engagement and donations to package take-home kits of menstrual hygiene products, available in k-12 schools and community centers district-wide. Since then, 'Go with the Flow' has provided almost 3,000 kits to the State College community. More recently, due to the adverse impacts of COVID-19, they reached out to local families facilitating them with lunch pickups arranged by the school district. Isabelle and Go with the Flow were featured in the State College Magazine in January 2021.

In addition to her work with Go with the Flow, Isabelle is currently serving her second term as Student Government President, is active in Thespians, journalism, mock trial, and is the chair of the International Thespian Officer Board. The SCAHS Alumni Association extends its congratulations to this accomplished young leader!

If you want to watch Isabelle speak, TEDxPSU shared this on their Facebook page: “The TEDxPSU conference will be on March 6, 2021! Though we cannot be in person this year, our team is working hard to bring TEDxPSU to you via the virtual stage. Subscribe to our newsletter at to stay updated with conference and TEDxPSU news!”